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MD, CPCL administers Constitution Day preamble

Samvidhan Divas (Constitution Day) is observed on 26th November every year to commemorate the day of adoption of our Constitution.

Samvidhan Divas was observed at CPCL on 26.11.2021. As part of this, Shri. Arvind Kumar, Managing Director & Shri. J.T. Venkateswarlu, CVO read out the Preamble to the constitution of India to all employees. MD, CPCL highlighted the importance of the Constitution in nation-building and good governance and making India the largest Democratic Republic in the world. He also said that the purpose of the Constitution is to promote brotherhood in order to ensure justice, freedom, equality for all citizens and unity and integrity of the nation.

Large number of employees HoD’s /Senior executives at different sections of Refinery, CBR including CISF Staff joined on this occasion.

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