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Together our fight against the Novel coronavirus continues

An unprecedented global war and one of the worst enemy that mankind has ever faced surfaced on earth- the novel coronavirus. The war started and every country braced themselves to battle out the fierce rival.

And on March 24th, 2020, the complete lockdown was declared by the Indian Government to contain the spread of this virus. When the whole country was under lockdown essential services including refineries were exempted to meet the energy needs of the people.

CPCL has exhibited exemplary strength & commitment in maintaining the courage and ensuring continuity in operations in tough periods. This was yet another testing time for us. We worked together with all precautions and continued to maintain uninterrupted operations in all phases of lockdown.

All buildings in CPCL were declared touch free buildings in the early phases of lockdown. With the installation of toe door openers, automatic soap foam, automatic sanitizers and automatic washbasins in all buildings and very frequent sanitisation of buildings, both inside and outside, we proved ourselves a tough compete for the novel coronavirus with strict compliance to social distancing norms. The use of Aarogya Setu app was insisted upon all employees and family members. The attendance of employees at office were curtailed to 33% initially and later to 50% as per the government orders and for the first time work from home was successfully implemented at CPCL. Thermal scanning of all people entering the Refinery is now mandated. With all these precautionary measures, a safe working atmosphere was ensured and this boosted the morale of officers coming to office during the lockdown period.

The third phase of lockdown from May 4th,2020 saw the Indian government announcing various relaxations to several sectors and a go ahead to the construction sector with availability of In situ workmen to start the work. After obtaining self declaration from various contractors on maintaining social distancing and their consent to work in situ, arrangements were made for in situ accommodation. All arrangements for stay including bedding, food, security, and transportation was arranged by CPCL and it was ensured that the workers maintained good hygiene and followed social distancing at the place of stay. At the site, before the commencement of work, every worker sanitises himself with the automatic sanitizer dispensers available at the site. Hands free sanitizer stands fabricated in-house are installed at various worksites and contractor office.

The entire workplace within CPCL is sanitised as per Govt. norms to contain the spread of the virus. In addition, pedal operated washbasin cum soap dispensers are installed at various locations of all sites. It is ensured that all workers at site has face masks and hand gloves in addition to the regular PPEs and they maintain social distancing at all times of work including in rest hours and while having food. With all these precautionary measures, we at CPCL continue with the routine activities with utmost care.

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