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Optimisation Techniques.


CPCL has pioneered implementing Optimisation techniques for both its Business and Process requirements.

CPCL is the first among Indian refineries to implement Advance Process Control (APC) and Optimization techniques in all its process units. APC is the proven technique for reaping incremental economic benefits by implementing online strategies to control higher-level objectives like quality control, energy minimization, unit/refinery wide optimization and improved process unit stability. CPCL has implemented APC technology in all its major process units and has further improved on it to achieve the best in process automation through its constant in-house endeavors, continuous technological upgrades and consistent uptime maintenance. As a further step CPCL is aiming for implementing Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MES is a cyclic approach which integrates business Optimization systems like Planning, Scheduling, yield accounting with real-time process systems like Process information system, Advanced Process Control and Performance monitoring. CPCL has implemented a multivariable controlled – Dynamic Matrix Control plus (DMC+) software for APC application in all primary and secondary units, which enables operations to achieve the respective plant objectives and minimize product downgradation.

CPCL has established a centralized, powerful, integrated, reliable web based real time Process Information Network (PIN) interfacing many different Distributed Control Systems (DCS) models including remote monitoring of desalination plant data. PIN also covers the off-site Tank farm information management system. PIN architecture is based on Centralized Real-time historian database with in-house developed user-friendly ASP based front end. PIN intranet website provides up-to-date information on quantity and unit performance through a single window. Various analytic tools like process trend view, tag browser have been configured in PIN which aide in analyzing the process data easier. Recently our in-house team developed an android mobile based PIN web application for close monitoring of the Process Units. SMS Alerts during unit emergencies is triggered to the concerned plant person for taking immediate action.

With forever changing refining landscape due to volatility in Margins, increasing competition and environment regulations, CPCL as a standalone refinery is meeting these challenges and unpredictable business environment by using the technologies which it pioneered a decade ago. Business Optimisation is carried out by using Linear Programming (LP) tools for evaluation of Crude Oil and Planning of Refinery operations. By constantly enhancing the Crude Oil basket CPCL has achieved a greater flexibility in feedstock selection for meeting the Business objective of maximising the GRM. CPCL is also utilising the Crude Oil Database application used for management of Crude Oil Assays for making its LP Model more robust.

The prime focus of the Business Optimisation is to minimise the gap between Plan & Actual and at the same time be dynamic to adjust to any new developments. To meet these twin objectives, Operational Plan is implemented using Scheduling modules for optimizing the Crude Oil processing, Fuel & Lube Operations and for inventory management.

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