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Safety Management System.

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The Safety Management system at CPCL has been formulated on two objectives viz.

CPCL keeps a constant vigil on its safety management practices and sets very high safety standards to ensure accident-free man-days.

  • No harm to any human being
  • No harm to Environment
  • Improved Employee morale,
  • Nil lost time accidents, and therefore Safety Management has been an integral part of CPCL’s daily business.

This is being practiced in CPCL with a strong commitment from top management to personnel at all levels by combining SHEQ standards with performance standards & imparting continuous training on Safety issues at all possible ways for all personnel entering the premises of CPCL namely Employees, Contract workmen, Business partners, Security Personnel and stakeholders.

The level of implementation of Safety management system is judged by

  • Statistical reports
  • Opinion surveys
  • Risk analysis
  • Periodic inspections
  • Training
  • Work permit system and audits
  • Customer feedback

For ensuring success in Safety management the following best practices are adopted.

  • Development of HSE policy.
  • Conducting self-assessment & communicating the results to all concerned.
  • Recognition and rewards.
  • Conducting Awareness program for all concerned

CPCL periodically carries out Internal Safety Audits, External Safety Audits, Comprehensive Risk Analyses and HAZOP study.

The Fire protection systems and equipment’s are provided as per Oil Industries Safety Directorate (OISD) standards and other relevant guidelines, Acts, Rules and Regulations. Adequate no. of Fire Fighting Vehicles and Emergency Rescue Vehicle Equipped with rescue apparatus / gadgets. Fire water storage, fire water pumps, firefighting chemicals meeting the specified norms are available.

Automatic gas detection and alarm systems are installed in Refinery units and tank farm for quick detection of hydrocarbon leaks and emergency mitigation.

CCTV is installed at critical location and linked to the control rooms for continuous monitoring.

For communication of emergency scenarios, Fire call telephones, Manual call points (MCP), Plant communication system, UHF handsets and emergency sirens have been provided.

CPCL has entered into Mutual Aid Agreement with two of the neighboring industries, well documented Onsite Emergency Preparedness plan, Offsite Emergency preparedness plan and Disaster Management plan (ERDMP) as per PNGRB guidelines are in place. Regular mock drills are conducted to check effectiveness of our emergency preparedness.

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