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Rising to the Challenge.


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Rising to the Challenge.

The Manali Refinery located at North Chennai has a capacity of 10.5 MMTPA. The refinery is one of the most complex and integrated refineries in India with three Crude Distillation Units (CDU/VDUs), Hydrogen Generation Units (HGUs), Hydro-Cracker unit (HCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit (FCCU), Continuous Catalytic Reforming unit (CCRU), Isomerisation unit, Delayed Coker Unit (DCU), Visbreaker unit (VBU), Diesel Hydro De-sulphurisation unit (DHDS), Diesel Hydro-treating unit (DHDT), Lube Hydro-finishing unit, NMP Extraction unit, Propylene unit and Petrochemical Feedstock unit.with fuel, lube, wax & petrochemical feedstocks production facilities.

The main products of the refinery are LPG, Motor Spirit, Superior Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, High Speed Diesel, Naphtha, Bitumen, Lube Base Stocks, Paraffin Wax, Fuel Oil, Hexane and Petrochemical feed stocks. Manali Refinery plays vital role of a mother industry supplying feedstocks to the neighbouring industries located in Manali, chennai.

“Rising to Challenge.”

Continue to be dominant presence in fuelling India’s energy needs.

The first refinery complex of CPCL was commissioned in 1969 with a capacity of 2.5 MMTPA (CDU-1). This refinery was designed to produce Lube oil based stocks (LOBS) in addition to Fuel products like LPG, MS, HSD, SKO, ATF, Naphtha and FO. Lube production includes process units like Aromatic extraction unit using NMP solvent, Dewaxing unit using MEK & Toluene solvent, Hydro-finishing unit.

The Manali refining capacity was doubled to 5.6 MMTPA in 1984 by setting up an additional Crude Distillation unit (CDU-2) with a capacity of 2.8 MMTPA. The secondary processing unit – FCC was also installed to increase the production of high value products like LPG and MS.

A Wax unit was set up to produce Paraffin and Match Wax. The capacity of CDU-2 was increased from 2.8 to 3.7 MMTPA through de-bottlenecking, taking the total refinery capacity to 6.5 MMTPA. In 1994, the Lube capacity was increased from 140 to 270 TMTPA by revamping Solvent Dewaxing unit.

CPCL implemented a 3 MMTPA refinery expansion project(Refinery-III) in 2004 with an additional crude distillation Unit (CDU-III) and increased the refining capacity of Manali refinery to 9.5 MMTPA. Refinery III revamp taken up during 2010, has further increased Manali Refining capacity to 10.5 MMTPA. The total refining capacity of CPCL (Manali + CBR) has increased to 12.1 MMTPA capacity as on 2020.

In order to maximize the distillate yield of the Manali Refinery, CPCL has implemented Resid Upgradation Project during Nov’2017. This project involved addition of new Delayed Coker Unit and Revamp of existing Hydro Cracker Unit along with other associated facilities. This project enabled improvement of Distillate yield, i.e, maximization of value added products.

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