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Climate Change.


Wind Energy

  • CPCL had installed 22 Nos of each 800KW capacity Enercon make, E-48 type Wind Energy Generators at Pushpattur village near Udumalpet, Dindigul Dt.
  • The windmills were originally installed by Wind World (India) Limited (Erstwhile Enercon (India) Ltd) in the year 2007.
  • The windmills were under O&M contract with M/s WWIL from the inception, till Feb 2019.
  • And from March-2019, the O&M is under M/s SUZLON Global Serviced Limited for 2 years, i.e., up to February -2021.
  • The total average power generation per year is around 23 to 27 Million Units.
  • This Generated power is exported to TANGEDCO thro 6 service connections to the nearby substation located at Melkaraipatti through 440 volts/22 kV Transformers.
  • The generated wind power is Wheeled to our HT Service connections located at
  • Desalination plant HT SC No.1841.
  • Manali Refinery HT SC No.1169.
  • Corporate office HT SC No.2284.
  • CBR Refinery & Sooranur pump house HT SC No.27 & 28.
  • CBR oil jetty HT SC No.63

Solar Energy

CPCL currently operates three roof top solar photovoltaic (PV) installations viz., 150 kW at CPCL CBR Refinery, 20 kW at CPCL Corporate office and 25 KW at CPCL Polytechnic. In addition, CPCL has undertaken the work for 25 kW of roof top based Solar power installation in the refinery premises.


In CPCL Manali Refinery, Naphtha was used as feedstock & fuel in the Hydrogen Reformers and as fuel in Gas Turbines. Refinery Fuel Oil is used as fuel in Utility Boilers and Process Heaters. Presently, Project is under implementation to replace Naphtha and Refinery Fuel Oil with Re-Gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) supplied by IOCL and RLNG conversion at HGU-214, Ref-III Heaters, Boiler-I, II & VI, GT- II, III & IV is completed successfully.

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