Mr. Arvind Kumar

Managing Director 

Mr. Arvind Kumar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Operations Management. He has got more than 3 decades of experience in the areas of Engineering, Project Management, Materials & Contract Management and in Plant Operations & Maintenance.

He served as the Unit Head of Mathura Refinery in 2020-21 and Project Head , Refineries Division, Indian Oil, where he had a unique experience of handling mega projects in Refineries and Petrochemicals.

Mr.Arvind Kumar is the Non-Executive Chairman of Indian Additives Limited (IAL), a Joint venture company of M/s. Chevron Oronite Company (a group company of M/s. Chevron, USA) and CPCL which is in the business of manufacturing and sale of lubricating oil additives.

Mr.Arvind Kumar is also the President of Manali Industries Association (MIA) for around 20 industries at Manali, Chennai comprising of Petroleum, Chemical, Petrochemical and Engineering Industries contributing enormously to the growth of industrialization in Tamil Nadu.

Mr.Arvind Kumar was conferred witth an award under the category ” Usage of secondary treated water for industrial use ” for the year 2021 during the Virtual Water Conclave &Awards 2021 organised by FICCI , Tamilnadu Council.