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Energy Conservation.


Energy Conservation

Our company has accorded great importance to Improve Energy efficiency for a sustainable future. We understand that Refinery is one of the major energy sectors and every ton of Energy conserved directly translates to potential benefits for the company as well as the environment. The more we conserve, the lesser we emit Greenhouse gases. Considering rapid depletion of fuel sources, it is imperative to save energy.

CPCL’s strategy to sustain as an Energy Efficient Refinery is by Optimization of fuel consumption, Maximization of Power Import, Minimization of Flare and Reprocessing Slop, Enhancement of Furnace/Boiler performance and having a dedicated team for  ‘ Zero Steam Leaks’.

Various energy conservation measures & margin improvement measures are being initiated every year. Some of the salient energy conservation measures implemented recently are as follows:

  • Conversion of Naphtha to RLNG in Hydrogen Generation Units.
  • Replacement of Crude Distillation Unit-III Furnace Air Preheater.
  • Optimization of FG consumption by interconnecting Fuel Gas headers of Ref I, II and III.
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) unit revamp from 6 bed to 8 bed for recovering Hydrogen from Refinery Off gases.
  • Pinch Technology adoption in Propane De-Asphalting Unit for pre-heat Improvement.
  • Optimization of steam consumption by carrying out amine interconnection between all Amine  Regeneration units.
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