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Energy Conservation.


Energy Conservation

Our company has continuous focus in the areas of energy efficieny, fuel consumption, flare loss & Furnace/Boiler performance. Various energy conservation measures & margin improvement measures have been initiated/implemented. In recognition of efforts to minimise energy consumption, CPCL has been adjudged the winner for “Boilers and Furnace Efficiency” by CHT, MoPNG at Refinery Tech. Meet held on April 2017 . Some of the salient energy conservation measures implemented are as follows:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) unit revamp from 6 bed 8 bed to recover Hydrogen from Refinery off gases
  • Pinch technology adoption in Propane De-asphalting Unit for pre-heat Improvement in Lube Aromatic Extraction unit.
  • Installation of Hot Separator in Diesel Hydro-Desulphurisation unit (DHDS)
  • Routing of Impure Hydrogen (Net gas) to Diesel Hydro-treating unit (DHDT)
  • Replacement of Crude Distillation Unit-II Air Preheater
  • Optimization of Stripping steam in Diesel Stripper by replacing valve trays with high capacity trays in DHDT unit.
  • Routing of ISOM unit Naphtha stream (C7+) to CCR as hot feed enabled preheat improvement.
  • Installation of small size control valve for fine control of Hydrogen flow was implemented to minimize flaring.
  • Interconnection of Fuel Gas network between two refinery blocks was enhanced hydraulically to minimize flaring.
  • Optimization of steam consumption by carrying out amine interconnection between two Amine Regeneration units.
  • Improved heat recovery from CCR unit’s OBSG.
  • Routing of Crude unit Stabilizer off gases to FCCU Wet gas compressor to recover LPG.
  • Feed stream optimization was done for HGU Reformer feed from OHCU, CCRU and ISOM units thereby reducing energy consumption in PDS unit operation.
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