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Life at CPCL

Catching them young

New age technologies require new age understanding and curious minds working them to churn out the best results. Innovation works best when people are thinking about something that has never been done before, perhaps by using the same tools, in a different way. CPCL through its recruitment wing constantly replenishes the workforce with bright minds. With the growth in the number of millennials joining the workforce, CPCL promotes young officers to take ownership. Young minds joining the company are led by experienced hands to the soul of CPCL and through comprehensive trainings they get imbibed to the CPCL family

Diversity & Inclusion

CPCL is committed to diversity and inclusiveness. It has adopted various practices to foster the development of women employees and gender equality within the organisation. Women employees have equal opportunities, equal rights, and equal responsibilities. Various training programs, sessions exclusively for women employees are conducted and women in CPCL through their various cultural, professional & social activities continue to bring laurels to CPCL.

Participative Leadership

Conviction, dedication and passion are the virtues that form the DNA of CPCL and define its actions. CPCL supports participative culture in the management of the company. Strategy meets involving various diversified groups in all cadres are formed annually to crack down the various strategies for development of CPCL. Open house meets are conducted to imbibe the fresh concepts effectively.

Learn, Develop, Transform

CPCL provides employees with world class training and learning opportunities for all. RESOT-Refinery Engineering School of Training, a pioneer institute of CPCL was opened to leverage learning where the individual contributor and frontline leader can develop and transform their knowledge, skills and abilities. RESOT is dedicated to bolstering a culture of learning where all employees have the opportunity to strengthen their professional, intellectual and cultural acumen. Here learning experiences are designed to advance workplace performance while simultaneously aligning with the strategic business needs.

United, We Stand

CPCL has exhibited exemplary strength & commitment in maintaining courage and ensuring continuity in operations in tough period. Together we faced various adverse situations like Chennai floods in 2015, cyclone Vardah in 2016, recent Covid-19 Lockdown and at all such times we worked together to maintain uninterrupted supply of petroleum products to meet the energy needs of the people. Big Salute to the unsung heroes of CPCL.

Engage & Grow

CPCL in its journey has upheld the practise of making truly engaged employees by creating a positive work place environment, acknowledging and motivating individual achievements.CPCL connotes employee involvement, commitment, passion, enthusiasm, focussed effort and energy of employees in achieving a desirable condition for organisational development.CPCL provides platform for individual development of employees through various activities like indoor and outdoor sports & games, cultural programs etc. Physical, mental & emotional well-being of all employees are ensured through this. Irrespective of age & cadre, all employees actively participate in all programs.

Wellness at Work

CPCL provides a healthy work place environment and promotes wellness of all employees. CPCL OHS-Occupational Health & Safety has dedicated team charting out various health & fitness programs for employees of all age groups. Master Heath check-up of all employees are mandated custom build to suit the age and place of work.  A healthy employee is a happy & productive employee is the mantra.

Safety is the Key

Safety is the key that leads CPCL to success. Over the years, CPCL has been promoting safe work practices and is now imbibed in the work culture of CPCL. Safety trainings are mandated for all employees. CPCL has been certified for the new International Standard ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) by certifying agency Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt Ltd valid till 2023.

We Care

Throughout its journey of development, CPCL has taken care to see that that the locality of Manali & its surroundings are also uplifted parallelly. CPCL Educational Trust was formed in April 1988 with a view to upgrade the technical knowledge of the serving personal in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries and to create a centre for Technical Excellence in the field of Petroleum Engineering. Under CPCL Educational Trust, as part of its initiative to provide technical education to the students in the region, CPCL opened a Polytechnic College in Manali.It is dedicated to the service of the society to create well trained, disciplined and younger technicians in the area of Mechanical, Petrochemical and Electronics and Communication Engineering.Apart from this, various activities are undertaken in and around Manali including refurbishment of Manali school, providing training, conducting medical camps etc.

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