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FCC GDS Team – Subsequent to Successful Commissioning & Products Routing to Storage 19/01/2021

The FCC GDS Unit has been successfully and smoothly commissioned. This Axens’ Prime G+ Unit is designed to desulfurize 0.6 MMTPA of Cracked Gasoline from FCC Unit to meet the BS-VI fuel specification, while minimizing octane losses.  The product targets sulphur content below 8 ppmw. The project was executed on “Open Book Estimate” method, through M/s. Engineers India Limited (EIL). On-Spec Product from the unit was routed to storage on January 16, 2021. Shri S.N. Pandey, Managing Director congratulated the team of CPCL & EIL officials involved in the execution and commissioning of the project on January 19, 2021.

Shri H. Shankar, Director (Technical), senior officials of CPCL and EIL were present on the occassion.

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