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345th Board Meeting of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) held at CPCL, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu on 16.10.2021

To give impetus to the new 9 MMTPA Refinery Joint Venture Project of CPCL & IOCL, the 345th Board Meeting of CPCL was held at CPCL, Nagapattinam. The meeting was chaired by Shri.S.M.Vaidya, Chairman, IOCL and the meeting was attended by all the Board of Directors of the CPCL. Shri.S.M.Vaidya, Chairman, welcomed Shri.Arvind Kumar, Managing Director and Shri.Deepak Srivastava, Govt. Director on the Board of CPCL. Directors representing Naftiran Intertrade Company Limited (NICO) participated through Video Conference mode.

Chairman, placed on record the deep appreciation for the invaluable services rendered by Shri.D.Duraiganesan, Independent Director and Shri.Sukh Ram Meena, Govt. Director, on the Board of CPCL, whose tenure got completed in August, 2021. The meeting concluded with the Chairman placing on record the appreciation for the invaluable contribution of Shri.Manoj Sharma, ED (Operations), IOCL during his tenure on the Board of CPCL, who is superannuating on 31.10.2021.

Post conclusion of the Board Meeting, Chairman along with all the Board of Directors of CPCL carried out plantation of Tree saplings at CPCL, Nagapattinam and made a visit to the new 9MMTPA Refinery Project Site to review the dismantling activities of the existing facilities, which were being carried out in full swing.

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