Mounded Bullet Project


CPCL was storing LPG, Propylene and Propane are stored in Horton Spheres and Butylene in bullets.

As a risk-reduction measure to provide intrinsically passive & safe environment, Mounded Bullet Storage facility for LPG and Petro-Chemical products was installed as below:

  • Mound-1
    6 LPG Bullets –1200 MT capacities each.
  • Mound-II
    6 Petro-chemical Bullets – Propylene (2 x 600MT), Propane (2 x 163 MT) and Butylene (2 x 134MT)

Benefit: Eliminates BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) of LPG and petrochemical products, thus ensuring a safer environment.

Commissioned on

Mar 2016