BS-VI Diesel & MS quality improvement project


To produce MS & Diesel with BS-VI norms, as a compliant to MoP&NG mandates of supplying cleaner fuels from April 2020.
New FCC Gasoline De-Sulphurization (FCC-GDS) unit (0.6 MMTPA) is being constructed. Diesel Hydro Treater (DHDT) unit is being revamped from 1.8 MMTPA to 2.4 MMTPA. New Sulphur Recovery Unit (2 x 100 TPD) is being constructed.

Benefit: Society and environment will have cleaner fuels with Sulphur content less than 10 ppm.

Demountable Flare

To modernize the Flare System in tandem with the advancement of technology, Demountable Flare is being implemented in CPCL.

There are about 6 stack risers in a single derrick structure as follow:

20” (HC) – 1 No.
52” (HC) – 3 Nos.
36” (Acid Gas) – 2 Nos.
Derrick Structure Height – 129 m
Stack height, including flare tip – 138 m

  • Drastic reduction in requirement of land.
  • Maintenance equipment such as cranes is no longer required to erect (or) bring to ground level since the demountable flare system allows each flare tip to be lowered to ground level for inspection, repair work, etc.
  • Total flare shutdown is not required. Individual stack riser can be isolated and taken for Maintenance work.