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In the midst of Covid Pandemic second wave, the Principal Secretary, Industries Government of Tamilnadu convened a meeting with Industrial Heads and Academia on 26.04.21, in its fight against the pandemic. Themeetingwasfocusedtowardsmitigatingthe Medical Oxygen demand supply gap faced in the State.

Responding to the TN Governments requirement, CPCL spared no time to respond to the clarion call. With the CPCL In-house Industrial Oxygen meeting the Medical Oxygen Specification, CPCL together with GCC conceived an idea of setting up a 300 bedded Covid Care Centre within CPCL premises.

GCC – RDC North, post survey could identify CPCL R&D Building to be suitable for the Covid Care Centre on 04.05.21. Taking up the challenge of R&D Building conversion to a Covid Care Centre (CCC) with piped Medical Oxygen supply, CPCL could accomplish the task of laying the Oxygen Gas Pipeline of length

1.5 KM, from the Plant to the R&D Building within the shortest possible period of 20 days with an investment of about 2.5 Crores that includes Material procurement, logistics facilitation for shifting material from Mumbai and round the clock

execution in the midst of pandemic. The R&D Building after due facilitation was handed over to Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), Tamil Nadu on 17.05.21.

Post handing over of R&D Building, GCC could then complete the interiors for a preliminary 60 bedded CCC including internal copper tubing and Oxygen Monitors on 02.06.21. GCC Commissioner visited CPCL R&D CCC on 03.06.21 and lauded CPCL efforts in the making of a Makeshift Hospital in the shortest possible time and complimented the novel concept of Piped Oxygen gas supply. The R&D CCC became functional from

04.06.21 onwards. The average number of patients who benefitted from R&D CCC was 25 nos. on a daily basis, with a peak of 34 inpatients for two days. With the tapering down of Covid positive cases in Chennai, the CCC Operation at R&D was winded up on 27.06.21 temporarily. In spite of the suspension of CCC day today functioning, the 60 Bedded CCC facility at R&D Building extendable to a 300 bedded facility continues to be maintained by CPCL taking cognizance of the forecasted third wave.

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