Resid Upgradation Project


To minimise the production of High Sulphur Fuel Oil and to maximize distillate yield.

Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) of 2.2 MMTPA capacity, Coker LPG Unit (8.8 TPH), Sulphur Recovery Unit (2 x 100 TPD), Sour Water Stripper (60 Cu.m/hr.), Amine Regeneration Unit (250 Cu.m/hr.) have been installed. Also, Utilities & Offsite facilities such as Water Treatment Package (ETP-Process effulent-1.69 MGD, Utility Effluent – 0.72 MGD), Cooling Tower (2500 Cu.m x 2 cell), Utility Boiler (150 TPH), Gas Turbine (20 MW) + HRSG (100 TPH), etc. were installed besides revamping the existing OHCU (1.85 MMTPA to 2.25 MMTPA).

In DCU, Asia’s largest Coke Drums are installed: Dia. 9.7m, Ht. 44m and Thk. 40mm.


  • Increases the distillates yield,
  • Increases the capability to process high ‘S’ crude
  • Minimises the production of high ‘S’ Fuel Oil
  • Increases the Value-Added Products like MS, HSD, LPG, etc.

Completed on

Nov 2017