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PCL and Indian Institute of Technology Madras joined hands to provide Solar Power, Safe Drinking Water and create better sanitation conditions in the villages of Vellalapakkam, Gopurajapuram and Panangudi Villages in Nagapattinam district. During the initial surveys, it was found that many toilets in the households of the region were soak pits, which was an environmental hazard as it will contaminate the groundwater. IIT Madras recommended converting all such toilets in the villages to septic tank-based treatment that would cause less harm. IIT Madras will also execute a household level Rainwater Harvesting System covering around 600 households in the region through this scheme. This will mitigate, to some extent, the seawater intrusion during rains and improve the quality of ground water quality. Excess rain water can be guided to the water bodies adjacent to the villages. 

IIT Madras will also work towards constructing Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants and Drinking Water distribution systems in the village schools / Anganwaadis, rejuvenating and rehabilitating the water bodies. The institute will also improve the pedagogy and infrastructure in all the village schools /Anganwaadis. Provision of solar power for households, Compost yard construction, skill development and health care activities would also be undertaken. Activities under this scheme are still being implemented in phases.

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